Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Welcome to FAM City Center where everyone is considered family! Here you'll find who we are and what we're about.

We want you to know that you do matter, you carry purpose, and God created the world with you in mind! We desire to make your visit pleasant knowing you found a place that you can finally call home.
What gave birth to this ministry is the fatherlessness in the world today. We believe there are many males but very few Fathers.


Impart the Fathers Heart that awakens a generation to prepare for the Second Coming.


To preach the Gospel and make Disciples.

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Our Core Values


At FAM we believe attitude is what carries the weight of our words, and our focus is to treat every person like family. We do this by creating a place that is welcoming and empowering for others to see and feel a different kind of world we call the Kingdom of God.  


We believe loving God is our high call to Heaven, but looking like Christ is our high call on Earth. Character is not just something we do, but it is who we are. At FAM we want everyone to take note that our lives truly reflect the character of our King.


Here at FAM we believe trust is the highest honor someone can give to you so we never desire to break that bond. We believe living a life of trust is what makes us a friend of God and a witness to the world. Our hearts desire is to restore people’s broken trust back to the Church so we can be that shining light God always intended for us to be.


FAM believes its way to greatness is through service. We desire to come along side each person and walk with them through there process of growth in every area of life. In time we believe our love for God and service to people will cause others to fall in love with God and join us in serving our greater city communities.

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Our Process

1AFFIRM {Individuals}

We believe every person needs affirmation from God and those in delegated positions of authority. This helps secure the person in the love of God while they discover their identity in Christ and calling in life.

2AWAKEN {Supernatural}

We believe every person must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God. The sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit is there to help the believer navigate the realm of the supernatural.

3ACTIVATE {Gifting}

We believe godly delegated authority helps activate believers gifts. Once accomplished the person can operate in higher spiritual dimensions with greater authority.  

4ASSIGN {Ministries}

We believe every believer has a ministry that is assigned by God. Each person is expected to finish that assignment while living on Earth. This is the stage where believers transition from calling to commissioning.

Meet our Pastors

Mike & Isabel Hernandez
senior pastors
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Our foundational

The Bible is our all-sufficient rule for faith and practice.

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