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Mike & Isabel Hernandez

Senior Pastors

FAM did not start like your ordinary Church plant. People actually told me not to start this Church because of everything that happened to us in our past ministry. We served there for twelve years only to leave due to serious sins from our senior leaders. For more info on our story you can watch our podcast episodes titled Church Hurt.

What my wife and I saw when we left were sheep without a shepherd. We decided to step up and help people so we began meeting only once a week on Wednesdays. As we did people started getting healed from past wounds, and delivered from demonic oppression. What happened next shocked us. People started telling us I feel called here, your my Pastor, and this is my church home. I would tell them no that’s not what this is you must be mistaken, I’m only here to help you for a season. But the more I kept trying to push people away the more and more people kept coming saying the same thing. So after much prayer and council from spiritual mentors we decided to accept the call of God and open a service on Sundays making our church official on September 18, 2019. From that point on we never looked back or questioned the call of God.

I always knew I was called to plant a Church and be a Pastor, but never in my wildest dreams did I believe it would start this way! Witnessing all the lives impacted and changed makes me thankful we obeyed God. I can honestly testify the most exciting journey any believer can be on is a life lived out for the will of God.

Pastor Mike & Isabel have three children Isaac, Esperanza, and Joshua.


Reformers Preaching Team

Festus Famobio, Yadira Saavedra, Steven Oyetunji, Jessica Oyetunji, Dennis Acuna, Jayden Moctezuma, Ruby Gallegos, Crystal Azamar, Emily Acuna  


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